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Abelia triflora +No  +
Abelmoschus esculentus +Yes  +
Abelmoschus manihot +Yes  +
Abelmoschus moschatus +Yes  +
Abies alba +No  +
Abies amabilis +Yes  +
Abies balsamea +Yes  +
Abies cephalonica +Yes  +
Abies concolor +Yes  +
Abies delavayi +Yes  +
Abies firma +Yes  +
Abies fraseri +Yes  +
Abies grandis +Yes  +
Abies homolepis +Yes  +
Abies lasiocarpa +Yes  +
Abies magnifica +Yes  +
Abies mariesii +Yes  +
Abies nordmanniana +Yes  +
Abies pindrow +Yes  +
Abies procera +Yes  +
Abies recurvata +Yes  +
Abies religiosa +Yes  +
Abies sachalinensis +Yes  +
Abies sibirica +Yes  +
Abies spectabilis +Yes  +
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