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Help is coming

Practical Plants is still a very new website, so we're still working on the help sections and user guides. As we add new ones, they'll be listed here. If there's anything you need help with that isn't covered below drop by the community forums to get help.

The Basics

Before we jump in to the details it's important you understand what makes Practical Plants different from most other sources of plant information: every article on this website is editable by anyone. Including this one!

Introduction to editing

  • Editing guide - Introductory articles on using a wiki
  • Templates - Useful templates to use when authoring content
  • References - Information on how to use references


For a list of sites which are useful to consult for information when compiling or checking articles, see the

Data standards and terminology

Data fixes and cleanup guides

  • Plant uses - A guide detailing how to help clean up "unknown" imported plant uses, with lists of affected plants articles.

Project Information & Coordination