General practice

Always try to be as general as possible when entering data. This helps make the data searchable and consistent for users. There is always an accompanying text field for data, where you can elaborate with more detailed and specific information. Eg. If you're entering edible uses for a plant with edible young shoots, use the term Shoots rather than Young shoots and enter "Picked and eaten when young" in the accompanying details.

These lists are automatically generated from the data in the system. If you see something wrong, search for the property and correct it or let someone know on the forum. Thanks!

Plant part terms

All, Ashes, Bark, Branch, Bulb, Bulbils, Bulbs, Calyces, Canes, Catkins, Cobs, Essential oil, Flower, Flower buds, Flowers, Fruit, Fruit (seed husk, Fruit rind, Husk, Immature fruit, Inner bark, Juice, Leaves, Oil, Peel, Petals, Plant, Pollen, Resin (bark, Rind, Root, Root bark, Roots, Sap, Seed, Seed husks (pericarp), Seed pods, Seedlings, Seedpod, Seedpods, Seeds, Shoots, Skin, Spathe, Spines, Stem, Stems, Thorns, Tuber, Tubers, Unknown, Unknown part, Vine, Vine tips, Whole, Whole plant, Wood, Young Leaves, Young leaves, Young shoots, fruit, pericarp), roots), shoots, stems, very young leaves

Plant use terms


Alcohol, Baking, Beer, Beverage condiment, Boiled, Broth, Butter, Caffeine, Candy, Chocolate, Chutney, Colouring, Confectionary, Cooked, Curdling agent, Dried, Dried fruit, Drink, Eat, Egg, Egg substitute, Flavoring, Flavouring, Flour, Food, Fresh, Fresh fruit, Fruit, Fruit leather, Garnish, Gelatine, Green, Greens, Ground, Gum, Herb, Infusion, Jam, Jelly, Leaf vegetable, Leather, Legume, Liquer, Liqueur, Manna, Milk, Nectar, Nut, Oil, Pectin, Pickled, Pie, Popped, Potherb, Preserve, Preserves, Protein, Rennet, Rennet substitute, Roasted, Roasted drink, Rutin, Salad, Salad Leaf, Salad leaf, Salad vegetable, Salt, Sauce, Seasoning, Snack, Soft drinks, Soup, Sprout, Sprouted, Sprouts, Stabilizer, Starch, Sugar, Sugared, Survival, Sweetener, Syrup, Tea, Tempeh, Thickener, Unknown use, Vegetable, Wine


Adhesive, Baby care, Baking, Basketry, Beads, Bedding, Besom, Biomass, Blotting paper, Bottles, Broom, Brush, Buttons, Cabinet making, Carpentry, Charcoal, Cleanser, Clothes stiffening, Compost, Containers, Cork, Cosmetic, Cosmetics, Cotton wool, Darning ball, Dental care, Deodorant, Detergent, Disinfectant, Dye, Essential, Essential oil, Ethanol, Fencing, Fertilizer, Fibre, Fine carpentry, Fire retardant, Friction sticks, Fruit ripening, Fuel, Fungicide, Furniture, Gum, Hair care, Hair dressing, Herbicide, Incense, Ink, Insect Repellant, Insect Repellent, Insect repellent, Insecticide, Insulation, Kindling, Lacquer, Latex, Leather, Lighting, Lining, Liquid feed, Litmus, Microscope, Mole repellent, Mordant, Mulch, Musical, Musical instruments, Nails, Needles, Oil, Packing, Paint, Paper, Parasiticide, Pectin, Pencil, Pestle, Pins, Pipes, Pitch, Plant support, Polish, Pollution, Porcelain, Pot-pourri, Potash, Preservative, Raffia, Repellent, Resin, Roofing, Rooting hormone, Rust treatments, Sandpaper, Scourer, Size, Size for paper, Soap, Soap making, Soil Stabilization, Starch, Straw, Strewing, String, Stuffing, Tannin, Thatching, Timber, Tinder, Toys, Turnery, Turning, Varnish, Walking Sticks, Walking sticks, Water Purification, Water filtration, Waterproofing, Wax, Waxed paper, Weather forecasting, Weather protection, Weaving, Wick, Wood, Woodworking


Abortifacient, Acrid, Adaptogen, Alcohol problems, Allergies, Alterative, Amenorrhoea, Anaesthetic, Analgesic, Anaphrodisiac, Angiogenesis modulator, Angiogensis modulator, Anodyne, Antacid, Anthelmintic, Anti-cancer (stomach), Anti-diabetic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-jaundice, Anti-nephrosis, Anti-rheumatoid arthralgia, Anti-tussive, Anti-ulcer (stomach), Antiaphonic, Antiarthritic, Antiasthmatic, Antiathersclerotic, Antibacterial, Antibilious, Antibiotic, Anticarcinogenic, Anticholeric, Anticholesterolemic, Anticoagulant, Antidandruff, Antidermatosic, Antidiarrheic, Antidote, Antiecchymotic, Antiemetic, Antiepileptic, Antifungal, Antihaemorrhoidal, Antihalitosis, Antihemorragic, Antihydrotic, Antihyperlipidemic, Antiinflammatory, Antilithic, Antimutagenic, Antineoplastic, Antioxidant, Antiperiodic, Antiphlogistic, Antipruritic, Antipyretic, Antirheumatic, Antirrheumatic, Antischistosomal, Antiscorbutic, Antiscrophulatic, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antispriochetal, Antithrombotic, Antitumor, Antitumoral, Antitussive, Antiulcer, Antivinous, Antiviral, Aperient, Aperitif, Aphrodisiac, Appetizer, Aromatherapy, Aromatic, Arthritus, Astringent, Bach, Balsamic, Birthing aid, Bitter, Blood purifier, Blood tonic, Burns, Cancer, Cardiac, Cardioprotective, Cardiotonic, Carminative, Cathartic, Central nervous system protectant and antiinflammatory, Central nervous system relaxant, Channel-deobstructant, Cholagogue, Constructive, Contraceptive, Cooling, Cytostatic, Cytotoxic, Decongestant, Demulcent, Dental care, Deobstruent, Deodorant, Depurative, Depuritive, Detergent, Detoxicant, Diahhreoa, Diaphoretic, Digestive, Discutient, Disinfectant, Diuretic, Emetic, Emmenagogue, Emollient, Enuresis, Errhine, Expectorant, Eyewash, Febrifuge, Foot care, Galactofuge, Galactogogue, Gonorrhoea, Haemolytic, Haemostatic, Hallucinogenic, Hemostatic, Hepatic, Homeopathy, Hydrogogue, Hypertensive, Hypnotic, Hypoglycaemic, Hypotensive, Immunomodulant, Immunostimulant, Infertility, Inhibits eicosanoid synthesis, Inhibits platelet aggregation, Irritant, Joints, Kidney, Laxative, Laxitive, Lenitive, Lithontripic, Miscellany, Mouthwash, Moxibustion, Mydriatic, Narcotic, Nervine, Nutritive, Odontalgic, Oncogene inhibitor, Ophthalmic, Oxytocic, Oxytoxic, PMS, Parasiticide, Pectoral, Pectorial, Plaster, Poultice, Procirculatory, Purgative, Refrigerant, Resolvent, Respiratory, Restorative, Retentive, Rubefacient, Salve, Sedative, Sialagogue, Skin, Snakebites, Soporific, Sore throat, Stasis eliminating, Sternutatory, Stimulant, Stimulent, Stings, Stomachic, Styptic, TB, Tonic, Tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Uterine tonic, VD, Vasoconstrictor, Vasodilator, Vermifuge, Vesicant, Vulnerary, Warts, Women's complaints