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Edible uses

There are no edible uses listed for Taxodium distichum.

Material uses

The bark has been used to make cordage[1]. Wood - light, soft, not strong, moderately hard, easily worked, straight grained, very durable in damp soil, takes a good polish. It weighs 28lb per cubic foot[2]. The wood is not given to excessive warping or shrinking[2], it is used for construction, water pipes, vats etc[3][4][5][6][7][8][2].

Unknown part

Medicinal uses(Warning!)

The resin in the cones is used as an analgesic for wounds[7][2].

Unknown part


Ecosystem niche/layer


Ecological Functions

Nothing listed.


Nothing listed.


Nothing listed.


Seed - sow late winter in a cold frame. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first winter. Plant them out into their permanent positions in late spring or early summer, after the last expected frosts.

If sowing a lot of seed you could sow it in early spring in an outdoor seedbed[9]. Allow the plants to grow on in the seedbed for two years and then plant them into their permanent positions in late autumn or early spring.

Cuttings in the late summer.

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Although this plant can be grown in wet soils and shallow water, it thrives in any soil and trees actually grow faster in normal unflooded soils[10]. Established plants succeed in standing water up to 60cm deep[11] - in such a situation the roots develop 'knees', curious cone-shaped structures that grow above the ground[2]. Tolerates the high pH of chalk streams[11]. Tolerates atmospheric pollution[11].

Fairly cold-tolerant, but branches can be damaged by temperatures below -10°c[11]. A fairly vigorous tree, it can grow up to 45cm in a year with up to 4cm increase in girth[12]. It has been planted for its timber in S. Europe, especially on alluvial soils[13]. Buds often begin to break in March, but trees do not come properly into leaf until June and growth in height rarely starts before June[12]. A very healthy species in Britain, rarely seen in anything but good health. It seems to be a very long-lived tree in this country with several specimens more than 250 years old[12]. Trees are thought to live for over 1,000 years in the wild[2]. Plants grow best in areas with warm summers[11]. They only produce fertile seeds after long hot summers[11]. The branches are brittle and subject to wind damage, but the tree usually recovers well[10].

Unlike most conifers, this species responds well to coppicing[10].


Problems, pests & diseases

Associations & Interactions

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Polycultures & Guilds

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None listed.


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Full Data

This table shows all the data stored for this plant.

Binomial name
Taxodium distichum
Imported References
Edible uses
Medicinal uses
Material uses & Functions
Edible uses
None listed.
Material uses
None listed.
Medicinal uses
None listed.
Functions & Nature
Provides forage for
Provides shelter for
Hardiness Zone
Heat Zone
full sun
light shade
Soil Texture
Soil Water Retention
Environmental Tolerances
  • Salinity
Native Climate Zones
None listed.
Adapted Climate Zones
None listed.
Native Geographical Range
None listed.
Native Environment
None listed.
Ecosystem Niche
Root Zone Tendancy
None listed.
Deciduous or Evergreen
Herbaceous or Woody
Life Cycle
Growth Rate
Mature Size
30 x 8 meters
Flower Colour
Flower Type

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"image:Taxodium-distichum-habit.JPG|248px" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki."image:Taxodium-distichum-habit.JPG|248px" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.


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"image:Taxodium-distichum-habit.JPG|248px" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Facts about "Taxodium distichum"RDF feed
Article is incompleteYes +
Article requires citationsNo +
Article requires cleanupYes +
Belongs to familyTaxodiaceae +
Belongs to genusTaxodium +
Has binomial nameTaxodium distichum +
Has common nameSwamp Cypress +
Has drought toleranceIntolerant +
Has environmental toleranceSalinity +
Has fertility typeWind +
Has flowers of typeMonoecious +
Has growth rateVigorous +
Has hardiness zone6 +
Has imageTaxodium-distichum-habit.JPG +
Has lifecycle typePerennial +
Has material partUnknown part +
Has material useFibre + and Wood +
Has mature height30 +
Has mature width8 +
Has medicinal partUnknown part +
Has medicinal useAnalgesic +
Has primary imageTaxodium-distichum-habit.JPG +
Has salinity toleranceTolerant +
Has search nametaxodium distichum + and swamp cypress +
Has shade toleranceLight shade +
Has soil ph preferenceAcid +, Neutral +, Alkaline + and Very alkaline +
Has soil texture preferenceSandy +, Loamy + and Clay +
Has sun preferenceFull sun +
Has taxonomic rankSpecies +
Has taxonomy nameTaxodium distichum +
Has water requirementsaquatic +
Inhabits ecosystem nicheCanopy +
Is deciduous or evergreenDeciduous +
Is herbaceous or woodyWoody +
Is taxonomy typeSpecies +
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PFAF edible use notes migratedYes +
PFAF material use notes migratedNo +
PFAF medicinal use notes migratedNo +
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PFAF toxicity notes migratedYes +
Tolerates nutritionally poor soilNo +
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