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Edible uses

There are no edible uses listed for Pterocarya stenoptera.

Material uses

The leaves have insecticidal properties[1].

Unknown part

Medicinal uses(Warning!)

Anthelmintic, astringent, febrifuge, stomachic[2][3].

The leaves are used in the treatment of abscesses, eczema and scabies[1].

The stem bark is anthelmintic and carminative[1].


Ecosystem niche/layer


Ecological Functions

Nothing listed.


Nothing listed.


Nothing listed.


Seed - best sown as soon as it is ripe in a cold frame[4][5]. Pre-soak stored seed for 24 hours in warm water[4] then cold stratify for 2 - 3 months[6][5]. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots as soon as they are large enough to handle and grow them on in the greenhouse for their first winter. Plant them out in late spring or early summer of the following year[7].

Cuttings of half-ripe wood, July/August in a frame[5]. Cuttings of mature shoots, November in a frame. Only use vigorous shoots[5]. Layering.

Division of suckers in the dormant season[8].

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Prefers a sunny position in a rich strong loam with abundant moisture at the roots[9][10].

Succeeds in areas that do not experience prolonged winter temperatures below about -12°c[10], but young plants and the young shoots of older trees can be cut back by winter frosts[9]. Plants are tolerant of compacted soils[10]. The leaves are resinous to the touch and emit a resinous aroma[11]. The root system of this tree is too invasive for small gardens[10].

Plants in this genus are notably resistant to honey fungus[10].


Problems, pests & diseases

Associations & Interactions

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Polycultures & Guilds

There are no polycultures listed which include Pterocarya stenoptera.




None listed.


None listed.

Full Data

This table shows all the data stored for this plant.

Binomial name
Pterocarya stenoptera
Imported References
Edible uses
Medicinal uses
Material uses & Functions
Edible uses
None listed.
Material uses
None listed.
Medicinal uses
None listed.
Functions & Nature
Provides forage for
Provides shelter for
Hardiness Zone
Heat Zone
full sun
no shade
Soil PH
Soil Texture
Soil Water Retention
Environmental Tolerances
    Native Climate Zones
    None listed.
    Adapted Climate Zones
    None listed.
    Native Geographical Range
    None listed.
    Native Environment
    None listed.
    Ecosystem Niche
    Root Zone Tendancy
    None listed.
    Deciduous or Evergreen
    Herbaceous or Woody
    Life Cycle
    Growth Rate
    Mature Size
    Flower Colour
    Flower Type

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    "image:PterocaryaStenoptera1.jpg|248px" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

    Facts about "Pterocarya stenoptera"RDF feed
    Article is incompleteYes +
    Article requires citationsNo +
    Article requires cleanupYes +
    Belongs to familyJuglandaceae +
    Belongs to genusPterocarya +
    Has binomial namePterocarya stenoptera +
    Has drought toleranceIntolerant +
    Has fertility typeWind +
    Has flowers of typeMonoecious +
    Has hardiness zone7 +
    Has imagePterocaryaStenoptera1.jpg +
    Has lifecycle typePerennial +
    Has material partUnknown part +
    Has material useInsecticide +
    Has mature height20 +
    Has mature width15 +
    Has medicinal partUnknown part +
    Has medicinal useAnthelmintic +, Astringent +, Febrifuge +, Skin + and Stomachic +
    Has primary imagePterocaryaStenoptera1.jpg +
    Has search namepterocarya stenoptera +
    Has shade toleranceNo shade +
    Has soil ph preferenceAcid +, Neutral + and Alkaline +
    Has soil texture preferenceLoamy + and Clay +
    Has sun preferenceFull sun +
    Has taxonomic rankSpecies +
    Has taxonomy namePterocarya stenoptera +
    Has water requirementsmoderate +
    Inhabits ecosystem nicheCanopy +
    Is deciduous or evergreenDeciduous +
    Is herbaceous or woodyWoody +
    Is taxonomy typeSpecies +
    PFAF cultivation notes migratedNo +
    PFAF edible use notes migratedYes +
    PFAF material use notes migratedNo +
    PFAF medicinal use notes migratedNo +
    PFAF propagation notes migratedNo +
    PFAF toxicity notes migratedYes +
    Tolerates nutritionally poor soilNo +
    Uses mature size measurement unitMeters +
    Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.Pterocarya stenoptera +, Pterocarya stenoptera +, Pterocarya stenoptera +, Pterocarya stenoptera +, Pterocarya stenoptera + and Pterocarya stenoptera +