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Using Templates

Templates are a code surrounded by curly braces like this {{Template name}} and can accept a number of parameters separated by the pipe character (a vertical line, not to be confused with a lowercase L or uppercase i) like this {{Template name | a value | another value }}

Useful Templates on Practical Plants

Plant names

The plant name template can be used to format a plant name, linking to it and adding the appropriate italicization, and optionally append the common name or abbreviate the biniomial name. This is preferable to creating a link or adding formatting manually, as it allows for global styles.

Template code Result
{{Plant name | Arbutus unedo}} Arbutus unedo
{{Plant name | Arbutus unedo | common}} Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree)
{{Plant name | Arbutus unedo | abbr}} A. unedo
{{Plant name | Arbutus unedo | abbr | common}} A. unedo (Strawberry Tree)