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Edible uses


Root - cooked.[1][2][3] The root is fibrous according to one report[4] whilst another says that the swollen root has radical root fibres[5]. The plant is eaten as a vegetable, records of 'edible bulbs' seem to be erroneous[6].


Material uses

There are no material uses listed for Asphodelus fistulosus.

Medicinal uses(Warning!)

The seed is diuretic[7]. It is also applied externally to ulcers and inflamed parts of the body[7]. The seed contains oils rich in linoleic acid and are of value in preventing atherosclerosis[7].

Unknown part


Ecosystem niche/layer

Ecological Functions

Nothing listed.


Nothing listed.


Nothing listed.


Seed - sow March/April in a greenhouse and only just cover the seed. Germination usually takes place in 1 - 3 months at 15°c[8]. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first winter. When the plants are large enough to handle, plant them out into their permanent positions in late spring or early summer. Division in early spring or autumn[9].

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Succeeds in ordinary garden soil, tolerating partial shade[10]. Requires a well-drained soil. Prefers a deep rich sandy loamy soil[11][5]. Prefers a sunny position in a soil that is not too rich[10]. Grows well on hot dry banks[5].

This species is a perennial, though it is not very hardy in Britain. This has contributed to the mistaken belief that it is an annual. A covering of bracken overwinter is usually ample protection in most districts[5]. The flowers are sweetly scented[12].

Plants seem to be immune to the predations of rabbits[13].


Problems, pests & diseases

Associations & Interactions

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Polycultures & Guilds

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None listed.


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Full Data

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Binomial name
Asphodelus fistulosus
Imported References
Edible uses
Medicinal uses
Material uses & Functions
Edible uses
None listed.
Material uses
None listed.
Medicinal uses
None listed.
Functions & Nature
Provides forage for
Provides shelter for
Hardiness Zone
Heat Zone
full sun
light shade
Soil PH
Soil Texture
Soil Water Retention
Environmental Tolerances
    Native Climate Zones
    None listed.
    Adapted Climate Zones
    None listed.
    Native Geographical Range
    None listed.
    Native Environment
    None listed.
    Ecosystem Niche
    None listed.
    Root Zone Tendancy
    None listed.
    Deciduous or Evergreen
    Herbaceous or Woody
    Life Cycle
    Growth Rate
    Mature Size
    Flower Colour
    Flower Type

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    Facts about "Asphodelus fistulosus"RDF feed
    Article is incompleteYes +
    Article requires citationsNo +
    Article requires cleanupYes +
    Belongs to familyAsphodelaceae +
    Belongs to genusAsphodelus +
    Has binomial nameAsphodelus fistulosus +
    Has common nameOnionweed +
    Has drought toleranceIntolerant +
    Has edible partLeaves + and Root +
    Has edible useUnknown use +
    Has fertility typeInsects +
    Has flowers of typeHermaphrodite +
    Has hardiness zone8 +
    Has imageOnionweed.jpg +
    Has lifecycle typeAnnual + and Perennial +
    Has mature height0.6 +
    Has medicinal partUnknown part +
    Has medicinal useDiuretic + and Skin +
    Has primary imageOnionweed.jpg +
    Has search nameasphodelus fistulosus + and onionweed +
    Has shade toleranceLight shade +
    Has soil ph preferenceAcid +, Neutral + and Alkaline +
    Has soil texture preferenceSandy + and Loamy +
    Has soil water retention preferenceWell drained +
    Has sun preferenceFull sun +
    Has taxonomic rankSpecies +
    Has taxonomy nameAsphodelus fistulosus +
    Has water requirementsmoderate +
    Is taxonomy typeSpecies +
    PFAF cultivation notes migratedNo +
    PFAF edible use notes migratedNo +
    PFAF material use notes migratedYes +
    PFAF medicinal use notes migratedNo +
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    PFAF toxicity notes migratedYes +
    Tolerates nutritionally poor soilNo +
    Uses mature size measurement unitMeters +
    Has subobjectThis property is a special property in this wiki.Asphodelus fistulosus +, Asphodelus fistulosus +, Asphodelus fistulosus + and Asphodelus fistulosus +