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Cucurbita-Zea mays-1 +All vine species of the genus <span class="genus">Curcubita</span> can be intercropped with [[Zea mays|<span class="plant-name"><em class="binomial">Zea mays</em></span>]]. If the latter is not planted too densely, the thin leaves allow plenty of light to reach the ground and vines of the former can spread and its large leaves provide ground cover to retain moisture and prevent compaction and nutrient leeching from rain.  +


Malus domestica-Allium schoenoprasum-1 +[[Allium schoenoprasum|<span class="plant-name"><em class="binomial">Allium schoenoprasum</em></span>]] (Chive) or other members of the [[Allium]] genus are grown under apple trees it is reported to assist in the prevention of scab.  +