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  • Unknown use  + (Uh-oh! This part of the plant hasn't been assigned a use. Please refer to the accompanying text for this use type.)
  • Starch  + (Used as a fabric stiffener.)
  • Packing  + (Used as a filler in boxes etc in order to protect the contents.)
  • Bedding  + (Used as a lining for sleeping on or putting fruits etc on.)
  • Wick  + (Used as a wick for candles, lamps etc.)
  • Egg  + (Used as an egg substitute.)
  • Beads  + (Used as necklaces etc.)
  • Pins  + (Used as needles and pins in sewing etc. Also used to lance boils, extract splinters from the skin etc.)
  • Brush  + (Used for cleaning clothes, as a paintbrush etc.)
  • Scourer  + (Used for cleaning pots, pans, plates etc.)
  • Disinfectant  + (Used for cleaning wounds)
  • Mulch  + (Used for covering the ground to conserve the nutrients in the soil.)
  • Charcoal  + (Used for fuel, drawing, deodorant, filter, fertilizer etc.)
  • Ethanol  + (Used for fuel.)
  • Lining  + (Used for lining boxes, baskets etc so that fragile items can be more safely carried in them.)
  • Mordant  + (Used for making a dye more permanent, it also affects the colour of the dye.)
  • Wax  + (Used for making candles etc.)
  • Fibre  + (Used for making cloth, rope, paper etc.)
  • Potash  + (Used for making glass, soap and as a fertilizer.)
  • Thatching  + (Used for making thatched roofs.)
  • Needles  + (Used for sewing, darning etc.)
  • Friction sticks  + (Used for starting fires when there are no matches.)
  • Tinder  + (Used for starting fires. See also Kindling.)
  • Litmus  + (Used for testing whether a substance is acid or alkaline.)
  • Pitch  + (Used for waterproofing, in paints etc.)
  • Birthing aid  + (Used in facilitating birth, but not just to cause uterine contrctions)
  • Stuffing  + (Used in making soft toys, mattresses, pillows etc.)
  • Rust treatments  + (Used in the prevention and treatment of rust.)
  • Plaster  + (Used in the treatment of broken bones)
  • Cancer  + (Used in the treatment of cancer)
  • Cardiac  + (Used in the treatment of heart problems)
  • Kidney  + (Used in the treatment of kidney diseases)
  • Stings  + (Used in the treatment of stings and insect bites)
  • VD  + (Used in the treatment of venereal disease)
  • Warts  + (Used in the treatment of warts, corns etc)
  • Infertility  + (Used in treating problems of human fertility)
  • Size  + (Used on materials, paper etc to give a surface that will take ink, dyes etc.)
  • Curdling agent  + (Used to curdle milks.)
  • Roofing  + (Used to give a waterproof roof to buildings. See also Thatching.)
  • Cosmetic  + (Used to improve the physicalappearence of a person.)
  • Water filter  + (Used to strain out particles from liquids.)
  • Thickener  + (Used to thicken stews, soups, and so on.)
  • Plant support  + (Usually bamboos, used as canes in the garden for holding up plants.)
  • Miscellany  + (Various medicinal actions that need more clarification)
  • Baby care  + (Various plants that can be used in place of items such as nappies.)
  • Vasodilator  + (Widens the blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure)
  • Timber  + (Wood prepared for use in building and carpentry.)
  • Dye  + (is a material which can be used as a soak to change the colour of fabric, animal skins, etc.)