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  • Vulnerary  + (Promotes the healing of wounds)
  • Fertilizer  + (Provides a concentrated solid plant food.)
  • Biomass  + (Provides a large quantity of plant material that can be converted into fuel etc.)
  • Insulation  + (Providing insulation against extremes of temperature, sound or electricity.)
  • Blood purifier  + (Purifies the blood)
  • Hypotensive  + (Reduces blood pressure, it is used in the treatment of high blood pressure)
  • Febrifuge  + (Reduces fevers)
  • Carminative  + (Reduces flatulence and expels gas from the intestines)
  • Antiphlogistic  + (Reduces inflammation)
  • Antiinflammatory  + (Reduces inflammation of joints, injuries etc)
  • Antihydrotic  + (Reduces perspiration)
  • Anaphrodisiac  + (Reduces sexual desire)
  • Hypoglycaemic  + (Reduces the levels of sugar in the blood)
  • Paper  + (Related to the entry for Fibre, these plants have been specifically mentioned for paper making.)
  • Antispasmodic  + (Relaxes muscular spasms and cramps, calming nervous irritation)
  • Analgesic  + (Relieves pain)
  • Narcotic  + (Relieves pain, induces drowsiness and gives a sense of well-being)
  • Anodyne  + (Relieves pain, it is milder than an analgesic)
  • Pectoral  + (Relieves respiratory diseases, a remedy for chest diseases)
  • Anticoagulant  + (Removes blood clots)
  • Decongestant  + (Removes phlegm and mucous, especially from the respiratory system)
  • Lithontripic  + (Removes stones from the kidney, bladder etc)
  • Restorative  + (Restores consciousness or normal physiological activity)
  • Antiaphonic  + (Restores the voice)
  • Cytostatic  + (Slows or controls the growth of tumours)
  • Emollient  + (Softens the skin, causing warmth and moisture)
  • Salve  + (Soothes and heals damaged skin)
  • Demulcent  + (Soothes, lubricates and softens irritated tissues, especially the mucous membranes)
  • Lenitive  + (Soothing, palliative)
  • Musical  + (Specific mention of plants used as musical instruments. Does not include the various woods that can be used for making musical instruments.)
  • Nervine  + (Stimulates and calms the nerves)
  • Laxative  + (Stimulates bowel movements in a fairly gentle manner)
  • Sialagogue  + (Stimulates the secretion of saliva)
  • Galactofuge  + (Stops or reduces the flow of milk in a nursing mother)
  • Rooting hormone  + (Substances that can be used to promote the production of roots in plant cuttings.)
  • Fruit ripening  + (Substances that promote the premature or rapid ripening of fruits.)
  • Leather  + (Substitutes for Leather.)
  • Waxed paper  + (Substitutes that is.)
  • Turning  + (The art of turning wood on a lathe. Table legs, tool handles and walking sticks are examples of items often made from a piece of wood turned on a lathe.)
  • Fresh  + (The fruit or vegetable can be eaten raw, without cooking it.)
  • Alcohol  + (The plant can be used to make an alcoholic drink.)
  • Flour  + (The seed, or other part of the plant, can be ground into a flour for cooking.)
  • Women's complaints  + (This is a legacy medicinal term imported from PFAF which covers "a miscellany of problems peculiar to the female sex". It should be replaced with a specific term related to the condition alleviated (eg. Dysmenorrhea, PMS, etc) or removed.)
  • Antivinous  + (Treats addiction to alcohol)
  • Antiarthritic  + (Treats arthritis)
  • Antiasthmatic  + (Treats asthma)
  • Antihalitosis  + (Treats bad breath)
  • Enuresis  + (Treats bed wetting)
  • Antidandruff  + (Treats dandruff)
  • Parasiticide  + (Treats external parasites such as ringworm This should perhaps be joined with Parasiticide in 'Other Uses')
  • Ophthalmic  + (Treats eye complaints)