Bugs which require immediate attention.

Missing PFAF import data

Crataegus monogna needs importing

Cleanups & Minor Improvements

Small feature additions or cleanups.

  • List of polycultures
  • Add add plant field with details
  • Add properties to search page (4 hours)
    • Make hardiness & heat into range sliders
  • Fix variety & subspecies headers (1 hour)
  • Fix cultivars on group, variety & subsp (1 hour)
  • Change functions title to Ecological functions
  • Optimise titles for search engines (eg. Edible uses of PLANT NAME in place of 'Edible uses') (1 hour)
  • Propagation form: change 'Germination instructions' to 'Seed and germination details', and move it above seed saving (15 min)
  • Add common name for family & genus
  • Replace all [K] references with linked references to PFAF.org
    • Find & Replace all instances of [K] with {{Ref|PFAFimport-K}}
    • Write a script to find all articles with instances of {{Ref|PFAFimport-K}} and add a refernence pointing to http://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Article title
  • Add success percentage to the propagation methods (eg. seed propagates with an average success of 50%)

Major improvements

  • More function icons for quick reference (4 hours)
    • Pig fodder, chicken fodder, animal fodder
    • Wind break
    • Pioneer
    • Structure
  • Relevant icons next to headers
    • Cultivation > water, soil, etc
    • Propagation > Seed / Cutting / etc
    • Functions > Key functions

Notes for editors on Data cleanup

  • Condiments into Herbs and Spices
  • Add salad
  • Unknown parts assigned a part
  • Unknown use assigned (i.e. Fruit - Fresh,Cooked,Jam)

Notes on Polyculture

  • Icons would be helpful in the plants table (functions, niche, etc)
  • Reference error on Three sisters
  • Group plants by layer

Feature Additions

Significant feature additions, data imports, etc

  • Nutrient requirements
  • Nutritional analysis for edible parts
  • Social reward scheme to give roles and rewards to regular contributors to the forum & wiki
  • Plant ratings for edibility, material, medicinal, functional etc
  • Climate zones - native, successful
  • Add the ability to link a new login method to an existing account (eg. Login using Facebook for an account created with Google)
  • Filter plants by the number of uses or functions it has
  • Group plants in polycultures
  • Fixed form navigation on left instead of collapsing sections (4 hours)
  • Global references (~16 hours - research needed)
  • Drag-and-drop references on forms (~16 hours - research needed)

Improvements to Forms

  • Add sidebar navigation for large forms - a TOC which stays on the left side at all scroll heights with links to the main headings for easier navigation between sections
  • Change multiple instance templates to look like tables with headers to reduce the amount of vertical space they consume

Data Expansions

Flower inducing

Habitats, Ecosystems & Origins

  • Text field? Any data to extract into fields here?

Common names

Find a data source of common names for families and genera