Community management


Everyone who joins the forum should be welcomed with a short friendly message, so they have a positive impression of the Practical Plants community and feel like their voice is heard. I'm sure we've all experienced posting a message which doesn't get a response before, and it leaves you feeling less than excited to return to that place. The welcome can take place in a private message or in a forum post if the user has posted something. It's ok to use a standard message, but if the user has shared something about themselves it's great if you can customise it to show some interest in them.

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Positive feedback

We're all working on this wiki for free, and while we don't do it for praise, it's nice to be appreciated for using your free time to help others. Sending the occasional message of appreciation to somebody for making some great changes, being a good community member, etc is a small gesture to make someone feel that their work is worthwhile. Without it, it's all too easy to

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Project promoter

Building a database is all well and good, but unless people find out about it, it's not much use! We need people to help promote the project to new users, and to come up with new and innovative ways of reaching people with the information we're building.

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