The binomial name

A binomial name (commonly called Latin name) is composed of two parts. The first part identifies the genus the species belongs to and the first letter is capitalised; the second part identifies the species within that genus, and is lowercase, eg. Malus domestica. When in text the binomial name should be presented in contrast to the surrounding text, commonly in an italic style.[1]

Varieties, cultivars and cultivar groups

Binomial nomenclature is extended by the ICNCP to append a cultivar and/or cultivar group epithet. The cultivar name should be enclosed in single quotes, and presented in a contrast to the binomial name, eg. un-italicised. The cultivar group should also be displayed in contrast to the binomial name, commonly by presenting un-italicised, and can be placed within parenthesis when followed by a cultivar name. It must always be presented with the word 'Group' and both words should be initially capitalised. Optionally, a cultivar name can follow an unambiguous common name, but this usage is not permitted for primary species article titles on Practical Plants.[2]



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