Create this article with a form

This is the recommended way to create a new article. You need to decide which form best describes the article from the list below.

A new plant species
A new polyculture.
Part with use
A new plant part with a use (eg. Leaves, Flowers).
A specific use for a plant or part of a plant. Eg. Fuel, Anti-biotic.
A function performed by a plant. The name should follow Functions as a(n) Eg. Nitrogen fixer, Windbreak, Hedge
A term definition. Used to define common terms which are not covered by more specific templates above, especially where the article is primarily a definition of the term, rather than a general article on a subject eg. Function, Cultivar.
Generic Article
A generic article template used for one-of-a-kind articles which don't follow a form. Eg. Wiki.