Community feedback:

Current data and areas of expansion - General feedback on current dataset - Nutritional data - Nutrient requirements

Sources of import data or large information sets (books etc) - Rootstock (species') - Heat zones - Nutrient & Nutritional - Root zone tendencies - PH data

Global data relevence - Timing information - Deciduous/evergreen & herbaceousness (does it die back in warmer climates?) - Feedback on ways to make data relevent globally, and ways to describe behaviour in different climates

Cultivars, Cultivar groups, varieties, subspecies - Shoutout for help in migrating species articles to species descendent articles - Open discussion regarding nomenclature, state position and references to ICNCP

Article cleanups - Explanation of what data needs converting and how - Call for help, set priorities, links to lists?

Wish list - Request input - Social rewarding - Scientific experiment type site for collating crowd sourced experiemental data - Prioritise plants (ratings of some kind)