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===Website design & development===
===Website design & development===
If you're a web designer, there's plenty you can help with! See our [[PracticalPlants::Developer portal|:Developer portal]] for more info.
If you're a web designer, there's plenty you can help with! See our [[PracticalPlants:Developer portal|Developer portal]] for more info.

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Joining the community

Welcome! It's awesome you're interested in joining our little community.

First, let's dispel a common worry: you don't need to be a botanist or expert gardener to help out. There are loads of ways in which you can get involved, even if you don't feel confident editing articles. If you want to help improve the database, awesome! If not, you can help welcome new members, participate in community decisions, help spread the word, design info-graphics to share, and so on... whatever your skills and desires, there's a place for you in our community :)

Read on to find out the ways you could help, and how to get involved...

How you can help

There's loads of ways to help out - first and most obviously is by contributing to articles, but there's also plenty of other jobs helping to spread the word, manage the community, and so on...


If you have a couple hours spare and want to know how you can help, we've got a list of small tasks you can pick up, see our list of housekeeping tasks and select something that you feel like you can get done in the time you've got available.

Community roles

If you've got a couple of hours a week or more to dedicate, you could consider taking up a specific role in the community, take a look at our list of community roles

Spread the word

We're building the Practical Plants database to provide a tool for others to use, but first they have to know about it! Anything you can do to spread the word to friends, neighbors and like-minded people and communities can only help our project!

Website design & development

If you're a web designer, there's plenty you can help with! See our Developer portal for more info.