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wholesale Water Bath Evaporators
  • Water Bath Electric Heater

    This type is much like the Water Bath Vaporizers. It’s , as well, got heating pipes immersed in the water and heats up the water to gasify the cryogenic fluids. But normally it’s used as combination behind ambient air vaporizers to ensure the gas temperature for the facility at discharge, so that this kind of heaters requires less power consumption.

    Working Medium: LOx / LIN / LAr / LCO2 / LNG / LC2H4... Capacity: 50-16000 NM3/H Working Pressure:0-350 Bar Working Limit: 8-12 Hours Standard: ASME GB Type: Vertical

    Advantages: 1. Stainless-steel-made outer shell 2. Quiet, and no vibration 3. Built as per oxygen standards 4. Complete set of parts: the vaporizer unit, control box, level meter, temperature gauge, and valves.wholesale Water Bath Evaporators website: