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discount 4 Tons Ice Cube Machine With Lower Consumption
  • Product Application Our products are widely used in pelagic fishery, the processing and preservation of aquatic products, fruits, vegetables and meat, medical and chemical industry, construction and other fields. With the development of the current demand of all trades and professions for the ice and cold chain logistics, and in response to the state's promotion for energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and products safety, our company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to independently research and develop two technologies: the flat-plate heat exchange and ice falling with hot air, which greatly enhance the ice machine performance in the production, energy consumption and stability. The key technical level, product quality, independent innovation ability and invention patents of Koller has been in a leading position in the ice machine industry. Koller has won a good market brand image and market share and gained good economic benefit by customer-oriented business philosophy, the impeccable quality management system, the leading core technology, advanced production and processing equipment, superb processing technology, ice machine and refrigeration equipment with high-quality, low energy consumption, low malfunction. Our Certificate ◆ The strategic partners of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games edible ice suppliers ◆ The strategic partners of Shanghai World Expo edible ice suppliers ◆ The strategic partners of 2012 London Olympic edible ice suppliers ◆ "strategic partners of production and study" signed with Tsinghua University in 2013 ◆ "University student Internship and employment base" with Guangdong University of Technology ◆ Obtain an invention patent certificate about "edible ice machine system" and more than 20 utility model certificates about "new undercooling device" ◆ The institute with outstanding contributions for the Drafting and making the national standards of "commercial ice machine" "test method of automatic ice machine " "safe commercial ice machine for household use and similar use" ◆ Awarded the title "high-tech enterprises" in 2014 ◆ Awarded the certificate of Guangdong high-tech products ◆ Awarded the title "Guangdong trustworthy enterprise" in 2016. ◆ Awarded the certificate of "Science and technology SMEs in Nansha District " ◆ Awarded the certificate of "Standardized good behavior enterprise" ◆ Obtain the achievements of Guangzhou Science and Technology "based on the alternate ice making-ice falling control technology" ◆ Koller Ice Cube Machine is awarded the evaluation "International leading level (A standard) " ◆ Awarded the title "Top brand products of Guangdong province" ◆ Koller can produce 1000 sets of ice machine equipment and cold room every year and sell them more than 200 cities in China, over 150 countries and regions in the world. Focused on the ice machine industry from 2011, as the industry innovation pioneer, Koller will continuously make every efforts to make high-quality ice machine for customers. Production Market Based on the domestic market, mainly oriented in foreign markets, Koller has accumulated seven years of industry pioneer experience after lots of Practice and exploration. In the domestic market, Koller has sold its products to 80% of large-scale ice plants, mainly in over 200 cities such as Haikou, Sanya, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Wuhan, Nanning, Beihai, Liuzhou, Ganzhou, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Jinan and so on. In foreign markets, Koller has sold its products more than 150 countries and regions in the world such as Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Russia and the United States in the north, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina in the south. Koller has been continuously optimizing the industrial structure, improving the quality of products and service and consummating the sale and after-sale service system based on superb equipment, advanced production and processing technology and scientific management. Now Koller ice machine and refrigeration equipment has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad, gained a certain reputation abroad and found the wonderful base in the process of internationalization. Koller has been a well-known brand in the international 4 Tons Ice Cube Machine With Lower Consumption website: