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China Traffic Signs
  • Corflute sign board is a lightweight and cost-effective visual communications solution, specially suited for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor short-term uses. ; Corrugated plastic is also a extremely versatile, extruded twin-wall polypropylene sheet.

    Corflute sign board Applications ● Traffic sign boards ● Menu boards ● Special event signs ● Directional and informational signs ● Indoor signs ● Temporary and promotional signs ● Trade shows

    Corflute sign board could be used for traffic signs. The low cost of our corflute signage makes it an ideal signage solutions for all your needs. You can choose from our various options of pattern and one or double sides printing.

    Personalize customized corflute sign board by: ● Using stripes, borders and additional lettering colors ● Adding a logo or graphic symbol ● Using frames or stakes, or displaying on an easel

    Normal size corflute sign board ● 450mmW x 300mmH ● 600mmW x 450mmH ● 600mmW x 600mmH ● 400mmW x 900mmH ● 900mmW x 600mmH ● Or as customized.

    We will use 3M or Avery film as custom request then have the film on the sign board to make the signs reflective and could be seen from a long distance. Alert the unsafe road conditions or changes to traffic flow with this Reflective corflute sign board. This Corflute sign board is lightweight and sturdy, and will not fade in the sun or rain. It can be used for many different applications, making it an economical and responsible safety investment for business owners.China Traffic Signs website: