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Welcome to the community! Practical Plants has just opened it\'s doors so it\'s a bit quiet in here right now. If you\'ve any questions, say hello! You can also join us on IRC: #practicalplants on If you have any problems signing in or using the forum, drop an email to
Important topics
  • Practical Plants has just opened it's doors in August 2012 so the forum is still quiet. There are a number of threads that the project launchers have started. You can check out the links for them below.

    There are a number of topics that we'd like to discuss regarding our launch situation, ideas for the future, etc.

    • The first is our Development Wishlist where we'd like to share our ideas and hear ideas from the community.
    • Our starting dataset is a good place to start if you're interested in what kind of information we'll be building about each plant.
    • There's lots of data that we've built into the structure of Practical Plants but have not yet found a good source for, we've opened that topic here
    • We've opened a discussion on how to ensure good quality data.
    • We'd like to talk about the unique challenges of making a globally applicable database.

    And finally we have two threads in regards to the dataset that Practical Plants forked off from: